Leadburst Digital is a specialist marketing company specialising in two core services:

Lead Generation Campaigns

Numerous digital marketing companies will readily put you on a retainer. Retainers can be costly and often involve binding you to extended contracts, placing the majority of the risk squarely on your shoulders.

Many agencies can generate leads, but often these leads are of such low quality that your sales team ends up chasing without making sales.

Long-term contracts with these agencies can add unnecessary expenses and can erode your profit margins, especially if the leads aren’t converting.

There’s an alternative marketing approach that reduces your risk. With this method, you can buy ‘high-quality leads’ and only pay for what you get, no contracts attached. We can produce 50, 100, or even more leads per week, helping you adjust your sales strategy.

You cover the advertising expenses. If we don’t deliver leads, you don’t pay us for our efforts. We shoulder the risk, ensuring we’re fully committed to your success. Our agency thrives on results, with performance at the heart of what we do.

Working with Leadburst Digital is a surefire way of effectively scaling up your sales without having to risk hundreds of thousands on a strategy that “might work”.

AI Driven Text-Based Sales Systems

We have encountered numerous companies with underperforming sales teams. The dilemma in marketing is closely tied to this – if a sales team isn’t effective and proactive, many marketing efforts can be wasted. Swift contact with leads is crucial, as delays can cause them to lose interest rapidly.

We develop AI-driven sales systems that nurture leads more efficiently than humans, even during off hours. Our systems automatically send text messages to leads on behalf of your sales team, even at times that may otherwise be inconvenient.

We tailor our AI-driven sales system to seamlessly integrate with your business and offerings. It will nurture prospects on your behalf and facilitate them in answering essential questions during the prequalification stage.

Take your sales team to the next level and give them the superpower that your competitors wish they had.


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