Leadburst Digital is a specialist marketing company specialising in two core services:

Lead Generation Campaigns

We can generate 300+ high-quality leads every month on autopilot for less than R100 each. (without any marketing retainers & cold calling).

Do you want my team to personally build you a bespoke Lead Generation Machine that predictably & consistently delivers you high-quality leads every month?

We generate leads without retainers – we get paid on our performance. If we don’t generate any leads, then you don’t pay.

Firstly – my team will quickly setup our model.

Secondly – we will run some ads and show you it in action & feed your team with leads.

What does this mean for you? 

Quite simply – if we generate leads then great! If not (Highly Unlikely) then you won’t owe us anything. 

(Transparency disclaimer: we do charge a small upfront setup fee, but then you own the funnel forever).

Why Are We Making This Insane Offer?

At some-point you’ve probably hired a marketing agency before promising the world but delivering not a lot…

So instead of giving you the same 1 hour sales pitch as to why you should consider working with us, let us rather show you how we can help you get a return on your investment.  The proof is in the pudding.

Working with Leadburst Digital is a surefire way of effectively scaling up your sales without having to risk hundreds of thousands on a strategy that “might work”.

Sales Call Centre Solutions

Our bespoke outsourced call centre can help revolutionise your sales on a pay-per-usage model. 

If you are receiving leads from Leadburst or from another agency, we have a bespoke call centre offering to help you reach out to the leads that you receive, quickly and efficiently.

Our sales agents will extract as much information from the lead as possible and pass on the information to you (along with a booked appointment if required). Our sales agents will also vet leads and only pass on the good leads to you.

This service is ideal for:

  • Business owners that do not have an official sales team.
  • Business owners that are too busy to make sales calls and book appointments.
  • Business owners that hate calling or contacting leads.
  • Business owners that are so busy that it takes them a long time to contact leads.
  • Business owners that do not have the finances to hire their own sales person (and the expenses that go with equipping that person).
  • Business owners that have a database of old customers and would like to upsell/cross-sell or reactivate those customers.
  • Business owners that would like to receive feedback from all of their customers that have recently transacted with their company.
  • Business owners that would like to outsource the sales element of their business (which is billed on usage).

Take your sales team to the next level and give them the superpower that your competitors wish they had.


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