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Can Your Business handle 20+ New Leads per Day? 

No more complicated retainer contracts

Are you a business owner that is looking for at least 20 high quality sales leads per week on a pay per lead basis?

What is this “Pay Per Lead” marketing & why not retainers?

The world is filled with digital marketing companies that will happily place you on a retainer. Retainers are expensive, and most of the time you get tied to lengthy contracts and all of the risk is essentially in your court. Most of these agencies will easily generate you leads - however, most of the time, these leads will be extremely poor quality making your sales team run like crazy without closing any sales.

These lengthy contracts cause you extra unnecessary overheads and can start dragging your profit margin through the mud when the leads don’t generate many sales.

There is a different approach to marketing that mitigates risk for you. The approach whereby you can purchase ‘high quality leads’ in batches (each week) and you only pay for the leads you receive - without contracts.

We can generate 50, 100 or more leads per week and can help you scale your sales operation accordingly. 

This lead generation service is called cost per lead (or CPL), and it mitigates all risk from your business when you buy leads from us. You upfront the ad spend, and if we cannot get you leads, then you don’t pay. We place the risk on ourselves, because we believe in our service so much.

We operate on performance and our agency is built on a foundation of performance.

Working with Leadburst Digital is a surefire way of effectively scaling up your sales without having to risk hundreds of thousands on a strategy that “might work”.

What If I Told You My Team Will Grow Your Business Without Any Advertising Costs, Facebook Ads, Up Front Payments Or Agency Contracts?


You will only pay us when a prospect books into your team's (using our appointment setter saving you being on the phone 20+ hours per week) calendar or when we send you details of a primed lead.

If you're serious about scaling your business fast...

Then you need to get serious about packing your calendar with as many qualified sales calls as possible.

My marketing team can book you HUNDREDS of appointments each month... enabling YOU to close DOZENS of jobs, without any upfront financial commitments.  

... and from now until the end of the month, I am opening my personal Marketing Team to 10 serious business owners to run a 'Done-For-You' appointment setting campaign.

You will only pay us when a prospect books into your sale's team calendar or when we send you a primed prospects details ready to deal with you.


No money up front.

No funky contracts or long term commitment.

We would just run a quick 'test' and can be popping appointments into your calendar or send you the details of these primed prospects within a week.

We are showing 10 business owners how this would work.

Would you like to join us?

Why would it be beneficial to work with Leadburst?

We help you increase your sales:

We build a lead generation machine for you that will guarantee high quality sales leads every month. Having this in place means that your salespeople do not have to worry about when the next set of customers are coming from and when.

Focus on growth & maximising profit:

We give you peace of mind knowing that your lead generation is being outsourced to lead generation professionals. You will have more time to work on your business and not in it by purely focussing on growth and maximising profit.

Cutting Edge Marketing:

You never have to worry about keeping up with digital marketing trends again. We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that we leverage the right platforms to always produce the best quality leads possible.

Save Large Amounts Of Money:

You will save money as we are much cheaper than hiring a full time internal marketing team. The internal marketing team will not stand a chance against our hungry team of lead generators. This alone will save you millions every year.

We equip marketing leaders
We Supply Quality Leads That Are Exclusive

It is time for you to stop buying reused leads and compete against other businesses for the leads. All of our leads are completely exclusive to your company so that you know that you do not have to enter price wars and worry if you’re going to lose the client to your competitor. You can trust that all of the leads provided to you are exclusive and unique.

How We can Help Your Business Grow

Our unique pay per lead model enables you to know that you will be receiving a certain number of leads in a period of time - guaranteed. This is not the same as the traditional retainer model which produces variable amounts of leads month to month. We deliver high quality leads to business owners to ensure that they receive a return on investment.  We use the correct channels to hone in on a quality audience and get you the best bang for your buck.

Scale Your Business Faster:

You will know how much it costs to acquire a customer online. This means that you can easily scale when you know your numbers.

Are you looking to double your leads for your business?
Leadburst Digital focuses on lead generation that will help you grow your business to greater heights. We are a group of marketing experts and have been in the lead generation marketing space for a few years. We help businesses get more leads and our methods are developed to help empower and remove the need to go from door-to-door to find new business.We work with companies across Africa and around the world. We offer custom-made lead generation systems specific to your company that will be used to collect data and will help you increase your sales. We create an optimal balance of high-quality leads at cost effective price points.

Over 40+ South African Brands Have Been Buying Leads on a Consistent Basis:

Our solution is better than getting leads on your own

Instead of spending huge amounts of money on educational programmes that promise to teach you how to generate leads online yourself, our quality leads on a pay per lead basis ensures that you can scale and you start making money from the first batch of leads that you receive. You then save time and you don’t have to learn all of the incredibly complex parts of marketing, online psychology and buying behaviours. 

We operate on a pay per lead basis which ensures that you get your leads, at the right price. No complicated retainers and no being locked into unnecessary contracts that make your palms sweat. 

Contact us today to build a lead machine that will skyrocket your leads. If you are interested in getting started, simply fill out our form to schedule a call.

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