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We Run The Ads, You Get The Results!

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Done For You Lead Generation Service:

We Run The Ads, You Get The Results!

(Without Any Monthly Retainer Fees!)

Dear Entrepreneur

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You’ve tried Facebook Ads…

You’ve tried Google Ads…

You’ve bought the latest and greatest “ad training”…

You’ve worked with “agencies” but you’ve never seen results…

You’ve done EVERYTHING you are supposed to do to get more clients…

But NOTHING Worked!?
Believe Me... I Know The Feeling…

Back in 2018, I was a rookie in marketing.

I started working with a property developer. I was hired as the “ads guy” at the time…

Don’t ask me how I got the job, I didn’t really know what I was doing (Not yet anyway).

But I had ONE mission which was to “crack” the advertising code…

It wasn’t easy.

I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall.

I tried the latest ad strategies all the “gurus” taught.

I tried Facebook Ads.

I tried Google Ads.

Heck, I even tried Gumtree Ads.

But nothing seemed to work…

This cycle left me feeling drained, defeated, and questioning my abilities as a marketer. But then, I embarked on a journey that completely transformed my approach to ads and changed my life.

The Turning Point…

As I struggled to find a winning ad formula, I faced numerous obstacles, setbacks, and sleepless nights.

What was I doing wrong?

Our competitors seemed to be running ads all the time and getting incredible results.

The lightbulb went off, and I thought…

"What's The Difference Between The Ads I Run And The Ads The Experts Run?"

I stumbled across a video by a guy named Dan Wardrope (one of the biggest names in the lead generation industry) who said that having a winning ad comes down to 4 main components…
Great Offer + Great Ad Creative +
Great Ad Copy + Great Targeting = $$$$$
That's when a light bulb went off...

We had great ad creative, great ad copy and I knew the targeting was ok…

It was our offer which sucked.

So I went back to the drawing board and made an irresistible offer that no one could refuse. We tweaked the pricing to look more compelling and threw in some free furniture to sweeten the deal.


We had more viewings than we knew what to do with…

Fast forward to today and every entrepreneur who I speak to who struggles with creating winning ads has one of those four issues (Guaranteed).

This breakthrough not only revitalised my business but also allowed me to reclaim my passion and purpose as a marketer. I knew I had to share this transformative solution with other small business owners and entrepreneurs like you.

Since using these “Secrets”/”Recipes” with others, I’ve gone on to help hundreds of others to dramatically increase their revenue and leads.
Lead Burst Sales Accelerator Service:

We Run The Ads, You Get The Results!

(Without Any Monthly Retainer Fees!)

Why Do We Offer A Lead Generation Sales Accelerator, Done For You Service?

As a business owner, you've likely experienced the frustrations of running ads. You know how it feels to:

With The Sales Accelerator Done For You Ad Setup, You'll Have:

You Can Get Started TODAY

– Lead Generation Can Be A Small Investment For A Potentially Life-Changing Transformation In Your Business.

By signing up for our lead generation service, you’ll gain the accountability and support you need to confidently invest in your marketing ultimately transforming your business with a predictable system for consistently creating winning ads.

Feel the same sense of relief and renewed passion that I did when I finally unlocked the secret to creating winning ads.

Don’t just take our word for it! We have loads of testimonials from satisfied customers who have been able to see the difference of having an effective marketing strategy.

Here’s What You'll Get...

Here’s what’s included with the done-for-you lead generation service.
Ad Setup
Our lead generation ad Setup includes several valuable components. You will receive professionally crafted ad creative scripts and copies to make your advertisements stand out. Additionally, you’ll have an implementation call with one of our experienced account managers who will try to flesh out the optimal offer and create the ideal ads for your business.
Ad Creatives
Once you have had an offer establishment call, we’ll use our expertise to craft compelling ad creatives for you to review. Once you have approved the creatives, we will cycle them into the campaign ecosystem.
Ad Copies
Once you have had an offer establishment call, we’ll use our expertise to craft compelling ad copies.
Hyper-Targeted Ads
Our account managers will conduct extensive research before the setup to ensure your ads are only being shown to your dream customers.
Landing Page Creation
Our account manager will take your offer and help you build a compelling landing page that will act like your online salesperson. We build these landing pages in such a way that we can help you sell with the written word.
Setup Run-Through Call
One of our account managers will create and set up your ads for you on Facebook OR Google. They will then run through everything with you to show you what has been created and the logic behind what has been created. They’ll walk you through the ad setup step-by-step, which will be tailored specifically for your business.

Here's A Breakdown Of Everything You Get IF YOU SIGN UP WITH LEADBURST Today

Get an exclusive look into everything you'll be getting to start succeeding.
You Get Access To:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our done-for-you ad setup service is a collaborative approach where our team of experts setup an effective ad campaign on your behalf. We provide personalised strategies, years of experience, and hands-on support to ensure your ad sets are optimised for success.
Facebook and/or Google. (We can assist with TikTok too).
To get started, simply contact us by clicking one of the buttons and filling out our contact form. We will setup a Zoom call to see if you are a good fit for our service. From there, we’ll guide you through the process and get your ad campaigns up and running.

To prevent any delays, it is crucial that you adhere to the following deadlines:

  • Upon engaging with us via Zoom for the ad service you will receive our application form. Once you fill it out and send it back to us, we will invoice you for the setup charge. When we receive payment, we will send you an onboarding form.
  • Once the onboarding form is filled in, we will prepare the landing page for you which will take approximately 4 - 5 working days to build. 
  • We will send this to you for approval whereby you can check the offers and copy on the page. 
  • Once the onboarding form is filled in, we will also prepare the ad copy and creatives and send them to you within 3 working days.
  • You will then have an additional 3 working days to review and return these with any amendments to us.

We then run a 7-day testing period WITHOUT touching the ads. This will then allow us to establish if there are any issues within the digital ecosystem.

Yes, you can run with your ads or you can use our expertise to monitor and optimise your campaigns on a pay-per-lead basis (performance-driven).
Absolutely! Our service is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and levels of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or have some advertising knowledge, our team takes the reins so that you do not have to pick up a finger. We have the expertise to help you achieve success with your ad campaigns.
You have a choice - we can setup the campaigns for you and you run the ecosystem yourself. Or we can step in and run everything for you ensuring that your budget is spent in the best way possible on a performance based model.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Click here to email us.
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