We generated over 1200 sales leads for property developers in 4 months using paid advertising.

35 Apartments Sold in 8 Months at R160k Profit each

2100 Tons of steel sold in 6 Months


Many companies that we have been in contact with have either had the following experiences:


Not knowing how to reach your customers online & convert them into potential customers ready to buy your product or service.


Not seeing any results from past digital marketing campaigns. This would be a result of incorrect implementation and dealing with the wrong people.


Having a huge amount of your money invested in a project and having very slow sales channels which in turn costs you money. / Dealing with traditional marketing channels which yield very slow results.

I would love to help you gain clarity on how to make Facebook ads a success for you and boost the sales leads.

Due to the hands on nature of these strategy calls & audit, I only do a limited number per week. Request yours below to secure your space!

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