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A process of getting online traffic to convert on your sales pages making them leads and potential customers.


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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of finding the right target audience, putting them in front of what you have to offer them and getting them to take action on your offer. Simple as that.

However, the online process is not that easy.

Lead generation is a process from the ground up. We start by designing highly captivating landing pages with the correct copy on the page. From this, we need to craft the correct advert on the correct channel – Facebook or Google, or both.

The advert needs to perform and the landing page needs to perform in order for there to be a winning recipe. This is where we come in by analysing the analytics and deciphering what a person does on a page. From there, we focus on improving the conversion rate whilst decreasing the CPA.

With Us Theres No Contracts

We keep things pretty simple. Our customers choose us from our proven ability to deliver high-quality business leads at competitive prices. If you start feeling like we not adding value, you can simply cancel our services.

OPEN THE TAP LEAD GENERATION SERVICE With our WARM LEADS we guarantee you a great return on your investment.


R4 995 Monthly 

R2750 (55%) towards Advertising Adspend

For Small Businesses

Campaign Setup

Landing Page Setup

Management Included


R10 995 Monthly 

R6380 (58%) towards Advertising Adspend

For Growing Businesses

Campaign Setup

Landing Page Setup

Management Included


R24 995 Monthly 

R15250 (61%) towards Advertising Adspend

For Large Businesses

Campaign Setup

Landing Page Setup

Management Included



Your marketing campaigns must deliver results that convert leads into immediate sales. We are now able to track how effective your marketing efforts are so you can be able to measure your ROI. 

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