Sales Galaxy™

Fast-to-market, hyper-focused & targeted at the right customers.

The SALES GALAXY™ has been designed to generate the maximum returns in the shortest period of time. From Lead Generation to complete sales cycle management.

The Problem

You need to increase your net new customers 

Indentify & establish in-bound deal flow sources to keep your CRM system up to date with new leads.

Sales management is an issue

Sometimes companies lose track of sales opportunities and could potentially drop the ball.

Increase your market penetration

Companies think that brand awareness and customer penetration can happen organically. This is very difficult to achieve.

The Solution 

By implementing SALES GALAXY™, we tackle internal & external engagement strategies, meticulousy crafted messaging, personlised digital assets and hyper-targeted content delivery, which will combine to generate qualified deal opportunities within your region. We build out sales pipelines which allow your sales teams to visually manage sales leads in a Kanban type pipeline software.

Our Award - Winning Process


Find out who your ideal customers is.


Find messaging that your customers care about.


We create and deliver performance assets.


We build out your sales pipline & sales cycle in your CRM (Zoho Bigin).


We handle end to end management of your maketing campaign. 


We deliver sales-ready deal opportunities ready for your sales pipline. 


Phone: 071 319 0014

Email: garry@leadburstdigital .com

SA Address: 581 Pretoria Rd, Fairleads, Benoni, 1415

USA Address: Sherman Street, Nw, 98502, Olympia, Washington State


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