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We help businesses run highly targeted advertising which generate high quality enquiries and leads. Through our marketing, we help you find people looking for your product or service and get them pre-qualified to ensure all enquiries are quality.

We ensure that you get a good return on your investment and ensure that your marketing sets you up for consistent growth.

Why Run

Lead Generation? 

When you run online marketing, you can begin to see something.

You see that there’s a direct relationship between your marketing efforts and sales.

And it’s trackable.

Direct response involves convincing your potential customers to take an immediate action.

An action that’s favorable towards a particular business result,

Like giving you their name, email address and cellphone number to claim your offer.

Or booking a time on your calendar to have a consultation with you,

Or walking into your offices or store.

Or to call you straight for a quote,

Or to buy your product or service.

It’s advertising online in a way that turns strangers into loyal paying customers.

Turning shoppers to clients right now by incentivizing them with an exciting offer.

And this is how you use paid media advertising to get new clients and customers.

You see, all these other agencies focus on how many likes and shares your campaign is getting.

How many people saw your new, expensive marketing video.

And how many people saw your new, expensive marketing video.

But we’re focusing on one thing and one thing only:


Our lingo is different.

The conversations you’ll have with us will be around things like:

“How much is it costing you to get new customers online?”

“How much revenue did you generate from the leads this month?”

“What is your return on advertising spend?”

“What is your conversion rate on leads to sales”

“Is your sales team happy with the leads?”

Etc, etc.

It’s easy to make the distinction between the right and wrong way to run paid media advertising.

But the execution is not that simple.

Because to tell the truth.

Comparing us with other agencies?

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How our retainer lead generation works 

For a fixed monthly package fee, you will have access to our team of marketers that will help you all the way with your marketing efforts. Our arrangement is structured in such a way that it suits the needs of each client and our objective is to relieve you of as much of the marketing function as possible and to provide your sales team with high quality leads in volume. 

You have an entire team of marketing professionals at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. We help you do less and also help it cost less for you.

Over 40+ South African Brands

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