Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead Marketing - The Future Of Digital Marketing

Forget in depth reporting and trying to understand all of the digital marketing jargon. We work on mitigating as much risk as possible for you when it comes to marketing. We have a simple model and we are the first agency in South Africa to employ the following model:

✅ You allocate an ad spend budget that suits your budget.

✅ We build you a world class funnel and ad campaigns to assist you in generating leads (at no cost to you).

✅ We then start running these ad campaigns and get the machine working. The only time we get paid is when we generate leads for you on a per lead basis. We will discover a reasonable price per lead and we will strive to get the campaign reaching your goals on a monthly basis.

We only get paid when we get you those high quality leads rolling into your CRM or mailbox. We then invoice you at the end of the month based on the lead volume you received for that month. (Rinse and repeat).

Our Marketing Method In A Nutshell:

1️⃣ We establish your offer, sort out all of the necessary paperwork and agree on a Cost Per Lead.

2️⃣ Our marketing team gets cracking on the entire campaign.

3️⃣ You upfront the ad spend.

4️⃣ We generate leads for you through our funnel and campaign.

5️⃣ You pay us in arrears for the leads generated.

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