Pay Per Nurtured Lead

Let us generate primed leads for you, and pay us in arrears, no advertising spend required.

Dear Business Owner

Do you and your team need MORE highly qualified prospects, nurtured individually by our team, booked straight into your calendar or their details sent directly to you, ready and primed to be closed? 

Well, we can help, but I have one question:

Are you the kind of business owner who:

Has the honesty and professionalism to pay us in arrears, a 'cost per appointment' or 'cost per primed lead' if we can get you the kind of quality you crave from lead generators?

Are you sick and tired of slippery advertising 'agencies' or lead generation experts promising the world yet delivering heartache and a sour taste in your mouth?

I feel you!

Well what if we could offer something different? 

We are changing the marketing game for good by offering a handful of honest, trusting business owners the chance to work with us on a 'performance only' basis. (We are offering this only to a few clients who match our prequalification profile).

What does performance only mean though (you might ask)?

You will only pay us when a prospect books into your sales team calendar or when we send your team details of someone who we have primed for you. 


No money up front.

No funky contracts or long term commitment...

We would just run a quick 'test' and can be popping appointments into your calendar or sending you primed leads within a week.

We are showing 5 business owners how this would work.

Would you like to join us? 

Over 40+ South African Brands Have Been Buying Leads on a Consistent Basis:

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