high-quality leads for your business


Build high-quality leads for your business

We help healthcare professionals & property developers find new customers on a pay per lead basis.

Are you a progressive business that understands the importance of consistent lead flow but may be frustrated with the unpredictability of current lead generation tactics?

We know the problems you face

We’ve seen it all too often. You’ve set up campaigns, spent hours on targeting, and watched as your ad budget dwindled… only to get leads that don’t convert, or worse, no leads at all. With multiple platforms like Google and Facebook available, it can be overwhelming to determine which to prioritize or how to synergize them for optimal results. The result? Wasted money, time, and opportunities.

The Hybrid Pay Per Lead Solution

The world is filled with digital marketing companies that will happily place you on a retainer. Retainers are expensive, and most of the time you get tied to lengthy contracts and all of the risk is essentially in your court. Most of these agencies will easily generate you leads – however, most of the time, these leads will be extremely poor quality making your sales team run like crazy without closing any sales.

There is a different approach to marketing that mitigates risk for you. The approach whereby you can purchase ‘high quality leads’ and you only pay for the leads you receive – without contracts.

This lead generation service is called pay per lead (or PPL), and it mitigates all risk from your business when you buy leads from us. You upfront the ad spend, and if we cannot get you leads, then you don’t pay. The reason why we require you to upfront the ad spend is because in order for you to take our leads seriously, we require you to also have some skin in the game.

We are giving you the opportunity to thrive, Risk-Free

Introducing our unique Pay-Per-Lead model. Gone are the days of hefty retainers with unpredictable results.

Act Now and Turbocharge Your Lead Generation!

Time is money. Every day you wait, potential leads are being grabbed by competitors.

Dive into the future of lead generation and let our hybrid model do the heavy lifting for you.

*Limited slots available. We’re a small and meticulous team so we can only take on a few clients at a time.

Please fill out the form to see if you qualify for our Hybrid Pay Per Lead service:

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