On-Risk Pay Per Lead 

Where we take on some of the advertising risk with you

What is Hybrid Pay Per Lead and how does it work? 

For business owners who are serious about marketing and are looking to take their business to the next level with a marketing partner that is willing to take the risk with you, then you are in the right place. 

Hybrid pay per lead is a unique marketing concept that we developed to help business owners with the following: 

  • Assist with cash flow.
  • Encounter less risk when it comes to lead generation and marketing.
  • Get the best bang for their buck in terms of advertising spend. 
  • Pay for what you get (no more wool pulled over your eyes

Whats the catch? - We don't work with everyone.

The process is as follows:

How It Works

Step 1:

We establish your expectations, understand your business and offering through a discovery session.

Step 2:

Our team will then get onto building the entire lead generation campaign from start to finish.

Step 3:

We send all of the marketing collateral to you and your team for review before we go live with the campaign.

Step 4:

Your company upfront's the ad spend (Ad spend is the money that we use to pay Facebook or Google, on your behalf, in order to buy advertising space on their platforms). Our job will be to spend this budget as effectively as possible and ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Step 5:

We continue managing the campaign and marketing in your behalf. The campaign will start to generate leads and sends leads automatically to your sales team.

Step 6:

We count the number of leads that were generated in the month and bill you (at a rate that we both agree upon) for those leads at the end of the month.

Step 7:

Improve, rinse and repeat.

How is this marketing method different from others?

Our performance is directly proportional to how much you pay at the end of the month. (If we don't generate any leads, then we don't get paid for our efforts). We invoice you at the end of every month in arrears for the amount of leads generated in that month.

Why are we offering this? 

We want to help business owners make money through their marketing efforts. Marketing shouldn't be a gamble and you should never feel like you are taking all of the risk. With all marketing efforts, there are always elements of risk, however, our intention is to mitigate as much risk as we possibly can.

You upfront the ad spend, we work our magic to help you bring in business so that you can cashflow our bill and to continue your campaigns in the future. 

Finding clients and growing your business can be tough. Allow us to partner with you so that we can show you the most effective and proactive method of marketing that will consistently generate leads for your sales team and mitigate as much risk as possible for you.  

What is included? 

  • 1 x full scale lead generation campaign.
  • 1 x landing page and funnel build.
  • 1 x software integration to help qualify leads.
  • CRM spreadsheet to manage and store leads.
  • Professional copywriting.
  • Professional graphic design.
  • Professional media buying and management.
  • Ad creation
  • Industry research to keep your campaign at the top of its game. 
  • Audience building and maintenance. 

Interested in our Hybrid Pay Per Lead services?

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Requirements for Hybrid Pay Per Lead

  1. Minimum ad spend budgets of R5000 ex. VAT per month.
  2. Only available for B2C based companies.
  3. R1500 setup fee to show commitment.

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