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You've Tried Lead Generation but it seemed like you completely wasted your money Or you don't know where your next customers are going to come from. its time to put your trust in south africa's leading lead generation company.


Hi, I’m Garry

I’m the founder at Leadburst Digital & I am a qualified Industrial & Systems Engineer.

I have worked with hundreds of companies locally & internationally and majority of these companies have the same problems. They either rely solely on word of mouth marketing or they are not getting a return on their marketing investment.  This leaves most business owners frustrated because it seems like no matter what they try, they can never seem to grow their business.

My team and I are passionate about helping businesses with a winning formula for achieving a larger market share by implementing proven performance marketing, lead generation & sales strategies. As your trusted customer acquisition partner, we ensure that every investment you make yields measurable returns so that you can confidently invest in your business’s growth.

Using our proprietary lead generation methods, we build lead generation machines that churn out high quality leads on a consistent basis.

As a specialist lead generation company, we are focussed towards getting you the best return on your marketing investment with our pay per lead model. Outsourcing your sales to our contact centre allows you to focus more on service / product implementation and improve.



Pay per lead is a performance based lead generation method which means that you only pay for the leads you receive. We are one of a few pay per lead agencies in South Africa. Majority of the agencies that you will come across work on retainers and contracts. Our Pay Per Lead agency adopts a pay per lead model which allows our clients to mitigate as much risk as possible during the marketing and lead generation process.

Yes, our packages are based on a pay per lead model which allows us to bill based on the campaign performance. We prefer to be a pay per lead agency because it feels more ethical billing on incentivised performance. 

The answer is simple and can be summarised in 3 points: 

  • We add more value than what our clients pay for.
  • Our pay-per-lead & pay-per-usage model protects our clients interest.
  • Our service is consistent, concise and efficient.

We have found that the above 3 points make for a solid value add to all of our clients. When our clients know that we are a proactive team, it gives them peace of mind knowing that their investment is taken care of. 

Lead gen is a multifaceted marketing approach which drills directly into the sales team as well. We implement pre-qualification software which allows us to prequalify people before they become a lead. Once the lead is captured in your CRM, then it is imperative that your sales team works those leads as quickly as possible. (A lead that is contacted too late becomes a cold lead which doesn’t usually materialise in business). If you run a lead gen campaign with Leadburst, it is imperative that your sales team is primed to be able to receive leads. We have also launched our micro call centre to be able to assist business owners with this. 

The type of business leads that we work with are mostly B2C (business to consumer) based leads. This allows us to work in a mass market which is great for our clients who require large volumes of quality leads. To generate business leads, we work with Google and Facebook as our main platforms.  

Yes, we can assist with Leads for Business. There are two types of leads for business. B2C (business to consumer) leads which are end consumer leads and B2B (business to business) leads which are other businesses requiring your product/service. Some businesses are a mix of B2C and B2C. Majority of the leads for business that we provide is a B2C lead. 

Yes, technically all leads are leads for sales. The main objective for perfect leads for sales is to ensure high quality of the leads. If you have a sales team, we can feed our leads directly to your sales team live, as they are generated. If you don’t have a sales team, we have a micro call centre that can assist you with sles. 

Totally valid, we come across companies that have been burnt by lead generation companies on a daily basis. (Sometimes we get approached by other lead generation companies so they can outsource their lead generation to us). The market is rife with this. Our company spends more than R1 Million in ad spend per month and is trusted by multi national companies. Majority of the companies that we have worked with have been with us for years. The reason why we know what we are doing is because we specialise in specific verticals. We are a specialised lead generation company that focusses only on Lead Generation. We do not dive into other digital marketing verticals.  

We have seen countless times how lead generation has revolutionised businesses and their growth. We have some national companies that rely solely on our lead generation and some companies that spend in excess of R500,000 per month solely on Lead Generation with over 1000% Return.

The process of getting a lead generation campaign running is simple. We create an irresistible offer based on your product/service and we build a campaign on Facebook / Google and show this offer in front of your ideal customer. We then entice them to inquire and send the lead to your sales team.  

Lead generation is important for business because it creates a predictable source of potential customers without you having to rely on luck or word of mouth. This allows you to carefully plan your business in terms of product / service throughput and how you can carefully start scaling your business by sending more customers through your doors by spending more on marketing. 

The concept of lead generation is simple. An example of lead generation is running ads on Google for a Chiropractor. When a person looking for a Chiropractor searches it on Google and your ad appears, they click on it and inquire to make a booking. This is an example of lead generation. 

We specialise in generating leads using the following platforms: Google & Facebook. Google is great for businesses where their audience will find their product/service using a Google search. Facebook ads are great for products / services that are unique or the offer is brilliant so that we can capture peoples attention. 

Yes, we are an outsourced partner. We generate leads as a service as we manage and maintain your campaigns on your behalf.

Yes, if your business needs assistance with lead generation and system implementation, we can assist. Our lead generation and system consulting will help you optimise your processes and ensure that you get the best return from your investment while you keep your marketing in house. 

We remain at the forefront of our industry by constantly investing in education and have a huge amount experience. We also take on risk with our clients as our marketing methods are purely performance based. 

READY to implement a lead generation system for your business?

Let Leadburst Digital make success YOUR reality!

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