Go-to-market analysis™

Get insights into your market & formulate an interest group before launching a product.

The GO-TO-MARKET ANALYSIS™ is a flexible and affordable survey data gathering digital marketing solution. Get powerful insights into your market and build a interest group of people before launching a new product or idea.

The Problem

Businesses often launch products without figuring out their customers pain points.

Often times, business ideas fall flat because the ideas were not validated. This means that companies spend millions on an idea that reaches a market that is either not ready for it or the need is not strong enough.

Not having a pre-launch database of people ready for product reception

Often times, businesses have to fork out hundreds of thousands into their marketing when they launch a new product or service. Building a pre-launch database allows you to cut your launch marketing spend and getting early adopters aware of your product/service. 

Products/services are usually launched without anyone actually knowing that you exist.

Often times, a business will build out a product or service and launch it. The traction will end up being incredibly slow and cashflow or investment capital is affected negatively. By running incentivised surveys, you can build awareness and build a database of people ready to buy from you.

The Solution 

Leadburst Digital's GO-TO-MARKET ANALYSIS™ helps property developers, innovators and business owners make decisions about product development based on customer need feedback. Digital incentivised surveys allow us to curate data for you so that you can make informed decisions, build a database and use this data for marketing purposes.

We can also link these people directly into your CRM system for lead nurturing and we can assist you to buid products that people are ready to buy.

Our Award - Winning Process


We find out from you about the products you would like to launch.


We work out the best kind of incentive that your target audience will love.


We find out all of the data that you would like to gather from these people.


We setup the survey page and test all of the tech to ensure everything is linked and talking to eachother. 


We create ads that are targeted towards a finely curated audience that suits your target audiences demographics.


We run the campaign and let the system build data which can be analysed by your team in order to make decisions.


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