Effective Customer Relationship Management & Sales Pipeline Implementation

We are the exclusive consultant for Zoho Bigin™ in South Africa. BURST CRM™ is a service whereby we implement an effective CRM system built for small to medium sized businesses. This system was built to help your team close more sales, increase customer retention and significantly increase profit margins. 

The Problem

Many companies cannot visualise the current deals in the sales pipeine

It is a known fact that majority of the business owners in South Africa are bombarded with Excel Spreadsheets containing sales data. Zoho Bigin allows you to visualise all sales in a pipeline so that you can plan accordingly to what you see.

Effective Data Mining & Forecasting becomes a huge chore for business owners

Data is powerful if it is used in the correct way. Our system is highly beneficial because decisions can be made from the data generated on the CRM system. Forecasting is now much easier as you will easily see which product or service is close to being closed.

Existing customers are the best opportunities. Many companies do not see this opportunity

A CRM system will help you consistently nurture your existing client base. These people already trust you which makes it a lot easier for you to upsell other products and keep re-entering existing customers into your sales pipeline while adding more and more value to them.

The Solution 

Leadburst Digital's BURST CRM™ is a CRM implementation service that helps you visualise and anage your sales deals effectively. This helps you increase your deal opportunities, engage with customers who will refer you to other businesses, upsell, cross sell andgrow your sales and profits. 

Our Award - Winning Process


We sit with you and do a needs analysis to find out your objectives.


We draw up a proposal and you sign a contract for the Zoho Bigin software.


We meet with your sales team and establish your various products, services & pipelines.


We setup the system to suit your business sales process.


We train your team for effective use of the system.


We launch the system and your team starts to feed it with data.


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