The 8 Questions You Need To Ask

Your New Marketing Agency

The decision to hire a marketing agency is as important as choosing a business partner. Actually, it's just like selecting a business partner. With the right marketing agency, your small business will have a trusted colleague who can offer advice and guidance as it grows. 

Marketers will find the best ways to market your product or service as effectively as possible. Their job is to spend your money as wisely as possible to ensure you get the best return from your ad spend as possible. Probably, you aren't an expert at these things. It's better to hire someone who is.

Most entrepreneurs are disappointed with the marketing agency or marketer they choose. There is an assumption that all marketing agencies are created equally, but that is not the case at all. Some marketers do the bare minimum in the hope that you will get "some results". That's not a true partner. 

It is not easy to choose someone to control the lifeblood of your business, but it is vital. There are some criteria we believe you should consider in order to make sure that they are one of the very few excellent ones and, at the same time, right for your specific business. Treat it as if you were purchasing a house, and put in the same level of effort. Make sure you do your homework and ask the right questions. Check under the carpet! Depending on the results of this due diligence, you may be able to buy an actual house at some point. That’s how important marketing partners are.

Many SMEs choose their marketing agency solely on the basis of fees. That's like buying a car based on the tires it has. Smart business owners, however, will need to consider other key indicators if they want to minimize their risk exposure and maximize the potential of a good marketer. 

Our business is our baby. We need Leadburst Digital to be the type of agency that business owners not only want but need. In our few years of existence, we have seen clients come and go, but we understand the needs of small businesses. We can tell prospective clients exactly what irritates them before they tell us - bad communication or no communication. They don't know what their marketing is doing, their marketing provider isn't providing any value, and the fees are too high. We are all familiar with this situation.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to approach us (and we hope you do), we want to share some knowledge that you should consider when selecting a marketing partner. We've compiled questions to help you choose your next marketer, why it's important, and how Leadburst fits into it.

Question to be asked

How long has the marketing agency been in business for and how many companies have they served?

Who will look after my business on a daily basis? And how accessible are they?

Is the marketing agency registered & qualified?

Are the leads that are generated exclusive to me and aren't shared with other companies in my space?

What is the agencies method for refining campaigns?

Are their fees fixed or are you charged as a percentage of ad spend?

How happy are their clients?

How do they handle service issues?

What reputation does the agency have and what’s their own business looking like?

Why is it important?

You want to work with an agency that has proven that they can consistently deliver good work over a period of time. 

Marketing requires experience and a lack of experience may result in you taking on a lot of risk with your ad spend. Many agencies use your ad spend as their testing ground which pushes your risk factor through the roof!

Most agencies get junior staff to do all of the actual work and hard slog. The experienced, big cats sit in meetings and in their office all day managing their staff rather than putting their experience to use.

You might get excellent personal service upfront but things start to taper off when the agency grows or when you are a small fry in their books. And when the partner doesn’t deliver, your only option is to find a new agency.

Every Tom, Dick and his dog is becoming a "marketing expert". What is more disturbing is how many "marketing agencies" reach out to us on a monthly basis to do Lead Generation for them. When you go on their website, they advertise Lead Generation and Media Buying.

Is the agency partners with the major advertising channels like Facebook & Google.

This industry is not formally regulated like the financial industries - so it becomes difficult to ensure that the agency is not a fly by night.

Some agencies are greedy. They generate leads from your ad spend and then distribute throughout their partner networks in your industry. Some Pay Per Lead agencies will sell the same lead over and over to people willing to buy the lead... Eek! Now you're paying a premium price, only to enter a price war with your competitors.

There is nothing worse than you paying a premium price to a marketing agency, only for them to totally neglect "ad and audience testing".

We've had to work with other agencies for certain clients and we have noticed that with most of them, they will create 1 ad, 1 audience and let the campaign run. If the audience is bad or the ad is bad - this will burn through your budget with very little results to show. 

You always want to be in control of your fees and you don't want to open yourself to nasty billing surprises when the invoice hits your mailbox.

With fixed monthly fees, you can easily budget for these and you know exactly how much you will be invoiced at the end of the month. You should also look out for Extra fees that agencies usually bill on top of the fixed fee.

Most businesses are great at the sales pitch, but underwhelming when it comes to delivering on all the promises they made. To get a realistic perspective on the services offered, you should speak to existing clients about their experiences.

We all know that things happen unfortunately...
The important thing is how these things are handled. Customers are often left in the dark with no one available to help them when they have issues, which can damage the relationship between them or the business itself. You need to ensure that the agency has a proper structure in place to handle any problems that may arise.

In all cases - you want to partner with a company that is successful in order to help you build your own success. If the marketing agency that you want to work with cannot even drink their own Marketing CoolAid, then why should you?

What about Leadburst?

We have been operating for over 4 years with a solid track record of hundreds of happy clients.

We have a team of dedicated media buyers, one of which will be allocated to you. Each one of these media buyers is overseen by our owner Garry Meston who has been doing effective media buying for years and is a qualified industrial engineer.

If your personal media buyer is not available, another team member can pick up the slack. If the relationship between you and your media buyer is not working, there is no need to find a new agency, we can simply assign a new media buyer to you. 

We've been operating for years. We have built so many funnels, ad campaigns and generated so many leads that we believe that we have ample experience to know who to work with and what our results should be.

We are Facebook Business Partners and we are currently working on our Google certification.

We keep things simple because we know what works and what doesn't. Lead generation is a tough game - we've earned our stripes to ensure that we can play professionally in this sport.

Every single lead that is generated through Leadburst Digital is only allocated to one client. We do not contaminate our lead pool at all.

A few of our clients have also asked us to sign NDA's, and we will be happy to do the same for you. 

Our agency thrives off of a concept of ad & audience testing. When it comes to advertising, certain ads hit buch better than other ads. Sometimes it takes a process of trial and error in order to refine your campaign into a well oiled machine.

When it comes to Facebook, oftentimes ad fatigue is experienced. We need to be able to pick this up and remove the ad before it burns your budget and becomes too expensive. 

We have fixed monthly fees with all of our clients. One amount at all times.

Only for large clients who run extensive PPL campaigns will be charged per lead. This is a different model and works for volume based lead generation with budgets R50,000+

We pro-actively approach our clients on a regular basis to see where we can improve and they can rate us and our service.

Most times our rating is 10/10 but in the rare case where we do drop the ball, we learn from it and move forward.

Our CEO is permanently on the ground - checking up on everything. Majority of our clients currently deal directly with him which means that everything gets resolved relatively quickly. We resolve any issues as fast as humanly possible and learn from them so that they don't happen again.

In a few years, we grew from a tiny start-up with no clients to one of the thought leaders in the industry in South Africa.

We have helped many companies across South Africa achieve ROI's of over 1000% and leverage the online channels as strategically as we possibly can.

*All options incur a R2,999 ex. VAT initial setup fee

Do we believe we are

the best in the industry?

Of course! And we're very proud of it. Other great companies exist, but they are few and far between. Do we ever make mistakes? Absolutely. But the difference between us and another agency is that we are equipped with systems and people to correct service delivery issues. Although no marketing agency will ever be perfect (because it still depends on people), with us, your service will be backed by the entire agency, as well as some of the most talented individuals to ever be entrusted with your marketing.

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