About Us:

We aren't your average marketers

we are miles ahead of the industry and our competitors.

Over 96% of our clients rate out service & their experience with us as being second to none.

Here is why: 

  • We are a unique lead generation agency.
  • Our level of service is second to none.
  • Our experience is unrivalled.

While working in industry in inventory control, retail and manufacturing, Leadburst founder Garry Meston dreamt of starting an online agency. A company that stays true to the traditional routes of advertising and the results that come with direct marketing. Made by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs is a mantra within the company. 

In 2015, Garry and his ex-partner started an agency called Gazzaroo which focussed on website design and branding. After a few years, Garry sold his shares in the agency as the direction of the company was not in line with his vision. In 2018, Garry started Leadburst Digital which started as a small lead generation solutions company for small businesses, offering performance based marketing campaigns helping small businesses turn R2000 into R20000+.  Keeping true to its roots and marketing values, Leadburst Digital grew with the progression of the marketing industry, giving business owners a high quality experience at a fraction of the price. 

The Leadburst culture reflects a love for business and helping business owners grow their business through customer acquisition. As Garry puts it, "We at Leadburst are committed to achieving a positive return on investment for all of our customers. Our passion is to see companies thrive with our team in the background doing what we love. Leadburst is not just another digital agency; for entrepreneurs it's a way of life... our way of life. 

Our vision:

To sustain and build Leadburst as a trusted and authentic lead generation agency based on performance.

We work at Leadburst Digital... "We do what we love... and love what we do...because we are here for a good time... Not a long time!"

Our Mission:

1. To be committed to supplying a superior service to the market, with confidence in our abilities.

2. To keep abreast of technology and to utilise the best training on the market to improve our skill and allow us to be at the forefront of our industry. 

3. To offer the market effective solutions at the best value for money. 

4. To be committed to the industry of direct marketing and to maintain our knowledge level to enable us to be ahead of the rest. 

The Leadburst Code of Conduct:

1. We work with love, friendliness and compassion.

2. Never judge a book by its cover.

3. Money is not the purpose of work  - it is the reward of good service.

4. Unwavering integrity: never lie, cheat or steal.

5. Have fun and keep it simple.

6. If we do something - do it properly.

7. Tell the truth - there's less to remember.

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